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OBi2182 configuration for SDF VoIP

The OBi2182 is a discontinued SIP hardphone manufactured by Obihai (who were acquired by Poly, formerly Polycom). They were “top of the line” in 2017 and 2018, and have a number of cool features, including but not limited to both ethernet and wifi connectivity, support for Google Voice, and the ability to serve as a handset via Bluetooth for a cell phone. Resellers are reselling them for ~60 USD online.

After finally setting up VoIP on my SDF account, getting it setup was a relative breeze. You can do it through the online OBitalk customer portal, but of course, that requires you to set up another account. The OBi2182 also comes with a built in webserver that provides you with the ability to get into the administrative user interface.

This is a quick reference for the settings if you don’t want to use OBitalk. It only includes changes where things are not the default value provided bythe OBi2182. Note: ITSP Profile X just refers to one of the ITSP Profile option groups ([A..F]]), and SPN Service refers to SP[1..6] Service. For an exhaustive desription of the configuration options, consult the Obihai IP Phone Administration Guide (archived link). Consult the fine SDF tutorial for general information about setting up a SIP phone with SDF VoIP.

ITSP Profile X → General

Parameter Group Parameter Name Value Notes
General Name SDF Optional.
Service Provider Info Name SDF Optional.

ITSP Profile X → SIP

Parameter Name Value Notes
ProxyServerPort 5060
OutboundProxy Default off; empty value
OutboundProxyPort 0
X_SessionRefresh Unchecked

Voice Services → SPN Service

SPN Service

Parameter Name Value Notes
Enable Checked
X_DisplayLabel SDF Optional; this is for your reference
X_DisplayNumber $YOUR_EXTENSION Optional; this is for your reference. On my phone I set it to xYYYY where YYYY is my extension.
X_ServProvProfile X This should be whatever ITSP Profile you selected for the SDF configuration.
X_RingProfile X See previous row
X_CodecProfile X See previous row


Parameter Name Value Notes
URI Default off; empty value

Calling Features

Parameter Name Value Notes
X_CheckVoiceMailNumber 1085
MWIEnable Checked
X_VMWIEnable Checked
X_MessageCenterEnable Checked Allows you to see your new/old message count from the messages menu