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Risography resources, Seattle Style

I’ve printed a couple of projects using risography (small zines and a record sleeve/poster), and I’ve come to love the process. This is really just a link dump until I figure out what else to with this page.

Shops and studios in Seattle

  • Paper Press Punch in Georgetown is the place I’ve worked with. They’re great, run open studios (once you’ve been trained), and are very supportive of the local scene. Their site has a lot of great info on process and they have a pretty good range of colors.
  • Cold Cube Press is studio that can take jobs for hire.
  • Anemone Studio is a studio, not a for-hire shop. They developed Spectrolite, which is a Mac app that helps with color separation, halftoning, etc. (which means you don’t need to fuck with Adobe in the same way).
  • Zine Hug is a studio/micropress, also not set up to print for-hire.
  • Really Easy Press is a studio/publisher for comics and illustration zines; no jobs for hire.